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Venom: “Warhead” (single, January 1984) 

Venom’s “Warhead” single was released with four different covers and in both 12” and 7” formats. The first image, the 12” version, was released with  ”Lady Lust” and “The Seven Gates of Hell” on its B-side; the A-side track “Warhead” was an extended version with a prolonged noise-outro. The cover art consisted of contour-line images of the band members’ faces in negative.

The 7” version had three different covers, each spotlighting an individual band member in high-contrast artwork. “Lady Lust” by itself was the B-side selection of the 7” version. The noise outro of the 12” extended version was eliminated and replaced with a fade on the song’s final chorus.

While Venom’s LPs seemed to be less impressive after their first two magnificent (malificent?) full-length albums, they continued to be an excellent singles band, and “Warhead” is no exception with an excellent A-side track and the 12” B-side track “The Seven Gates of Hell” becoming an in-concert standard for years after.

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