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Black Axe: “Highway Rider” / “Red Lights”

debut 7” single, Metal Recording & Publishing, 1980

Damascus: “Open Your Eyes”

Title track from their 1984 EP, independent release.

Powerful vocals on this track.

Saxon, The Eagle Has Landed period, 1981-1982

Girlschool: “Furniture Fire” and “Race With the Devil”

Live 1980, absolutely ripping live performance.

Ad, 1980

Rock Goddess: “My Angel”

From their frist full-length LP, A&M Records, 1983

Kelly Johnson from GIrlschool is playing bass in this video although she was never officially part of the band. (an observant follower of this tumblr blog pointed that out to me when I posted this video last year: thanks again!).

Demon: “Liar”

debut 7” single, Clay Records, red vinyl, 1980

Play the A-side loud. Play the B-side when drunk.

Motorcycle Man | Saxon


SAXON - Motorcycle Man

Opening track from their second LP, Wheels of Steel, Carrere Records, 1980


Paralex: “Black Widow”

From their White Lightning 12” EP, Reddington’s Rare Records, 1980

Geddes Axe: “Sharpen Your Wits”

7” single A-side, Steel City Records, 1982

60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation

Neat Records cassette-only compilation, a promotion in conjunction with KERRANG! magazine: cassette insert with original magazine ad.

Samson: “Riding With the Angels”

From the Shock Tactics LP, RCA Records, 1981

Bruce Dickinson on vocals