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Budgie: “Keeping a Rendezvous”

7” picture disc, single from their LP Nightflight, RCA Records, 1981.

Though forming in the late 1960s and doing a great deal of recording and touring in the 70s, Budgie made a comeback during the NWOBHM and took their place among the important influences on the young bands of the movement.

Tysondog: “Day of the Butcher”

From their first full-length LP, Beware of the Dog, Neat Records, 1984.

Produced by Cronos.


I just received my signed version of Chronicles, together with the patches and sticker.

It just about makes my CD collection of Soldier complete.

Thanks Ian Sheralee and Soldier.


NWOBHM band, Elixir - Treachery (Ride Like the Wind) from the album The Son of Odin (1986)



Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania - 7 inch single (1980)
01. Heavy Metal Mania ( single version )
02. Only As Young As You Feel ( non. L.P.)

Praying Mantis: Time Tells No Lies

First full-length LP, Arista Records, 1981

Manitou: “Manitou”

From the NWOBHM comp Scene of the Crime, Suspect Records, 1981.


Blitzkrieg European Tour.


Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform (Official music video in HD)

They be re-issuing the 80’s stuff I hear… nice. Time to replace a few gaps.

Cover of a track by Australian band Skyhooks, released by Iron Maiden as a single, EMI Records, 1980.

1982 Tour Shirt


this is killer and quite the catchy tune

Export: “Wheeler Dealer”

B-side of their “You’ve Got To Rock” 7” single, Vice Records, 1980.

This track might have been part of a self-financed album by the Liverpool NWOBHM band, but I can find no hard evidence of the full-length record’s existence. By 1984, they were signed by US label Epic records for whom they released two LPs (Contraband, 1984, and Living in Fear of the Private Eye, 1986). Their work, though celebrated by critics and the industry alike, failed to catch the attention of the record-buying public.

Witchfynde: “In The Stars”

Their second 7” single, Rondelet Records, 1980

Grim Reaper: “Rock You To Hell”

Official video for the title track to their third LP, RCA Records, 1987