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Motorhead: Titties and Vodka

Bootleg LP recorded live in 1985

Baron Rojo: “Satanico Plan (Volumen Brutal)”

From their second full-length LP, Chapa Discos, 1982

Spanish metal active during the NWOBHM



Pagan Altar: “Night Rider”

Recorded in 1982 but released in 1998 on the Volume 1 collection, Oracle Records.


French heavy metal band from the NWOBHM-era, 1981-1982 line-up, future Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain on the far right.


Scarab - Poltergeist 

Scarab are fucking cool. 

7” single A-side, Pharaoh Records, 1984

Holocaust: The Nightcomers

First full-length LP by the band, Phoenix Record and Filmworks, 1981

Avenger: “Revenge Attack”

Official video for a track from their second full-length LP, Killer Elite, Neat Records, 1985

Picture: “Heavy Metal Ears”

Television performance of the title track from their first full-length LP, Backdoor Records, 1981; the band was from the Netherlands and active during the NWOBHM.

Saxon, 1979 - 1981 lineup

Trust: “Certitude… Solitude…”

Official video of a track from their third full-length LP, Marche ou crève , Epic Records, 1981; NWOBHM from France.

Vardis: 100 M.P.H.

Debut 7” EP, Redball Records, 1979


Absolutley killer

Sparta: “Welcome to My Nightmare”

Recorded in 1987, released on the Use Your Weapons Well collection on High Roller Records in 2011.



Formed 1982