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Overdrive: “On The Run”

Debut 3-track 7”, Boring Grantham Records, 1981

1. On The Run (0:00)
2. Nightmare (4:30)
3. Stonehenge (7:40)

Judas Priest

Stained Class-period, 1978

The Gates Of Gehenna | Cloven Hoof


White Wizzard also cover this song.

From their self-titled, first full-length LP, Neat Records, 1984

Shadows of the Night | Tyrant


Tyrant - Shadows of the Night

Originally from their 1981 demo, later appearing on The Complete Anthology collection,  Steel Legacy Records, 2009.


Iron Maiden - Running Free
Iron Maiden - Prowler
Iron Maiden ‎– Women In Uniform
Iron Maiden ‎– Sanctuary

1980 / singles

Life on the Wire | Demon


Demon - Life on the Wire

From the album Breakout, 1987

No more waiting something had to give
And when it came a strange release
I never really knew if it was in my brain
Until the day I went too far

(Clay Records)


Iron Maiden - Killers badge from the eighties.

Ain't No Fantasy | Jaguar


Ain’t No Fantasy by Jaguar from the 1983 debut album Power Games

(Neat Records)

Kelly Johnson of GIrlschool

Guitar Player magazine, 1983

Sweet Danger | Angel Witch

Angel Witch: “Sweet Danger”

From their self-titled LP, Bronze Records, 1980 (a different version of this track was previously a single A-side for EMI Records earlier the same year)


Happy birthday to Denise Dufort! :D

Denise is an drummer of incredible power who pounds the skins with the conviction of the best metal and rock drummers. One listen to their classic 80s recordings or live recordings from the same period is ample evidence to her incredible ability.

56 years old, she was a part of Girlschool from 1978 to today (and the band has never been inactive).

Keep rockin’, Denise!

Nightwing: Stand Up and Be Counted

Their third LP, Gull Records, 1983

Mirage: “Blind Fury”

Compilation track, Notepad Productions, Volume 1, LP, 1984